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Since I was a teenager I struggled with problematic skin. Breakouts for no reason, a forehead full of little blemishes, uneven skin tone. I had the works of bad skin. Although I never had redness or severe acne, I hated the fact that my skin always looked as if I didn't take care of it. When I was about 16, I decided to go ahead and order myself Proactiv which to my surprise; WORKED! I mean my skin went from dry to glowing and blemish free but once the regimen was done, so was my glowing skin.

In more recent years I started to really look into skin products and taking care of my skin rather than covering it up with makeup; which became my go to. So when I came across a bloggers page who gave credit to Acne.org for their skin change. I decided to take the plunge and invest in this product that was priced perfectly. Let me tell you that my skin has NEVER looked better. Along with the products pictured above and some others, my face has never been better. My skin is soft, my breakouts are rare and short lived & my skin tone has even improved. Here are some tips & my holy grail products:

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